Anna recommends getting active in the Low Emission Neighbourhood

17 January 2018

BetterPoints’ year-long rewards scheme is encouraging people to think about the way they travel around Greenwich and the impact that has on air quality in the town, and to change the way they think about their own transport uses.

Anna Janmaat is a single parent who lives in the Greenwich Low Emission Neighbourhood area with her two children.

She is an active supporter of the Low Emission Neighbourhood scheme, she has been helping the Royal Borough of Greenwich by filling out surveys, and even by testing an electric bicycle.

Anna signed up to BetterPoints last autumn after her friend who is a walking enthusiast told her about the reward scheme. She spends her days in the Peninsula and in Woolwich, working for the council, and also offering counselling in west Greenwich. She usually cycles the short distance to Greenwich Peninsula, and less often to Woolwich and walks through the Low Emission Neighbourhood to get to her counselling sessions.

“I always encourage the kids to walk, and they both walk to school,” Anna says.

Her children are 13 and 17 years old, the family is planning on going on cycle rides together in the summer, but the current period is quieter because Anna’s son is studying for his A-levels.

Signing up to BetterPoints was the first time Anna has started tracking her physical activity. She signed up after her friend’s encouragement, just for for fun, to track the walks and cycles, as well as to earn points so she could redeem vouchers. 

“BetterPoints is a great encouragement to walk or cycle. You might not get the bus, you get the umbrella out and walk instead.”

A route Anna likes to take, and suggested for people to try out is cycling along the Thames to Woolwich.

“It’s a varied route with industrial areas - which I like - bits of greenery, sculptures, and passing by the Greenwich Ecology Park.”

People living in the LEN - entering a LEN postcode upon sign-up - will be automatically added to the programme. If your home postcode is outside the LEN, add the "GreenwichLEN" promo code upon sign-up to enter the programme. Click here to download the BetterPoints Android app or here to download the BetterPoints iOS app.