Earn extra points by joining a Programme!

Michael Grimes - 18 August 2016

Go for a walk and we'll buy you a coffee. That's pretty much how BetterPoints works: we reward you for doing something good. Just like supermarket reward points, you get more BetterPoints the more you do and you can spend them on things like - well, like coffee. Or clothes. Or you can give them to charity.
You can get BetterPoints by walking, running and cycling anywhere in the UK.
Or you can get even more BetterPoints by joining one of our programmes instead. These points are also more valuable because they help make the country a better place.
What is a programme?
Programmes are run specially to help our many partners help the community. They have goals like improving health and reducing congestion, and they run BetterPoints programmes to reward people for helping them meet those goals - such as by being active, using sustainable transport and volunteering. What's more, they learn important things about how to make their services better by seeing how people are using them.
Each programme has different goals and different sets of rewards, and may run in different places or for different lengths of time. A local council in London might run a BetterPoints programme to help residents be more active, while a company in Sheffield might run a programme to get its employees to share their cars. Some programmes might be aimed at certain groups - people who have never tried cycling, for example - and some might be open to everyone.
Why should I join a programme?
For a start, your activity is worth at least twice as much as usual. That is, you get at least twice as many BetterPoints for the same amount of activity.
But perhaps even better, people such as your local council can make better decisions by seeing how you use the app. For example, if they know lots of people are running in a local park, they can do things to make it better for them. Or they might see that a park is not being used and do things to make it safer and more attractive.
Click on the 'Available programmes' tab in the app to see which programmes you can join.
And keep your eyes peeled, because more and more exciting programmes are coming along!