Giving points is as rewarding as spending points

06 October 2020

Get in Active in Ebbsfleet user Liz tells us why donating points is important to her

Before Liz started using the BetterPoints app 2 years ago she was walking 1.5 miles every day to exercise her dogs and but not much more. Since she's engaged with the app and the Get Active in Ebbsfleet challenge the rewards have encouraged her to walk further than she normally would and make this a habit. 

Here is what she said about the difference it's made to her lifestyle, how she is rewarding herself and local charities too:

"Come rain or shine I'm out every morning walking around 3.5 miles every day. What really motivates me is hitting that NHS target of 150 minutes early each week. It's really important to be active and having this target makes me want to achieve it week in - week out.

When I've clocked up enough points, I enjoy treating myself to vouchers. The last ones I got were for John Lewis, which I put towards a pair of new trainers - as I've rapidly been wearing mine out especially during lockdown!

Liz went on to tell about how a recent foot injury (plantar fasciitis) is hampering her walking at the moment. However, in spite of this she felt empowered to get her old bike out of the shed and get it roadworthy in order to get back to earning lots of points. I had a similar experience (as I also was plagued by the same injury and cycling was the thing that gave my feet a rest but kept up my fitness). 

Liz also has given 19,000 of her BetterPoints to local Kent based charities and I asked her why giving points to charity was important to her:

It's more important than ever to support charities, lots of their normal fundraising events and sources have been side-lined by the ongoing Covid restrictions. 

My mum used to volunteer for ellenor in the family cafe, and they've always had a special place in my heart. The Kent Air Ambulance are completely self-funded and really need donations especially as lots of their summer events were cancelled. 

Finally, I asked Liz what specifically about the app helps her:

Since using the BetterPoints app and taking part in Get Active in Ebbsfleet challenge I just feel so much better in myself, fresh air and exercise make me feel so good, and sets me up for the day. 

I'm always checking the app, I love the instant feedback and data you get.  I've made my husband use it to help motivate him to get out more too.  I particularly like the element of seeing where I've been, the route taken and how far I've been. I'm always looking for new routes I can take on my walks, and the maps function allow me to see that instantly and then plan my next walk." - Liz M from Southfleet 

Big thanks to Liz for sharing this with the BetterPoints community. We are very proud to work for a company that makes such a difference in people's lives.

I do hope you continue to earn lots of points and on two wheels whilst your injury subsides!

If anyone else would like to share how BetterPoints has impacted their health and well-being, please do get in touch by emailing us at

Kerri - Challenge Manager for Get Active in Ebbsfleet