5 Ways to Love the New Forest

17 July 2016

1  Slow Down

When visiting the New Forest enjoy yourself in a way that respects the forest, and the people and animals that live and work here. If you are driving please stay under 40mph and slow right down when near to animals and cyclists and give them a wide berth to help prevent accidents.

2  Please Don't Feed The Ponies

Feeding and touching the New Forest ponies encourages them to behave badly - pestering picnickers for food and encouraging them onto busy roads. This increases the chances of them causing harm, especially to young children, and they are more likely to be killed or injured by cars. Human food can also cause severe colic and could kill the ponies. If you see a injured or sick pony please ring the appropriate contact detail listed below. So... please look, but don't touch the ponies.

3  Give Your Car A Break

100 miles of off-road cycle tracks, great walks, the New Forest Tour bus and a main line station at the heart of the forest in Brockenhurst, means you don't need to bring your car at all. Numerous New Forest businesses are also offering discounts and incentives for leaving your car at home, so get out there! Have fun, get fit and give your car a break. Please keep to the tracks when cycling on the open forest.

4  Buy Local

If you like fresh, locally distinctive free range and in many cases, organic produce then look out for the New Forest Marque! You will be helping to support small and unique forest businesses, reducing food miles and be enjoying the best locally produced food and drink around. Visit New Forest Producers Markets for food, drink and crafts and take home a flavour of the New Forest.

5  Look For The Green Leaf

You can have fun and do your bit by choosing green leaf accommodation,attractions, pubs and restaurants... You can even save money by doing so. Green Leaf businesses are taking important steps to care for the New Forest so look out for the green leaf.

Courtesy   www.thenewforest.co.uk