National Rewards are changing

Kerri French - 29 August 2018

After the great success of the SummerTime Challenge our UK National Rewards will be changing at the end of August. Our exciting new National programme will be called The BetterPoints National Rewards Challenge with lots of new ways to earn points and win prizes.

We will automatically add eligible users to the new programme before 1st September. There will be a chance to win great prizes and pots of BetterPoints with our BetterPoints Challenges throughout the year.

The challenges, incentives and prizes will change each quarter, giving you new goals. Check what’s next by visiting the prize draw area in the app under ‘Progress.’ 

The more BetterTickets you earn in a week, the better your chances of winning a prize! Winners can win more than once. So keep going and earning more tickets!

As of the 1st of September, we will not be giving out 2 BetterPoints per minute, however BetterPoints can still be earned in local areas that are already funded, and we hope to run a funded programme in your area very soon. The points that you've earned so far are yours to keep of course, so keep tracking your journeys across the UK to earn points and win prizes! Check the programmes tab in the app to see if you are eligible to join further BetterPoints programmes.