New Winter Challenge Winners

21 February 2018

Cycling throughout the winter takes commitment, but it's so worth it to get out for a bit of air and enjoy the time and money saving aspects of cycling, even when the weather is less than ideal! Two of our latest Winners in the Challenge have been doing just that, and have come away with a little extra incentive as well. Week 9 winner Lorraine had this to say:

"I enjoy the BetterPoints programme as it helps chart my activity. This in turn has enabled me to set goals for my cycling which has helped me become more active. Furthermore, I like collecting points towards the various rewards."

Week 7 Winner Iftikhar commented:

"The BetterPoints programmes do encourage you to go out a bit more, I do enjoy recording my rides and saving them, receiving points post the ride give a bit of a sense of accomplishment. The programmes have made me more active by encouraging me to ride a few extra miles per ride to accumulate more points."

Congratulations to all of our Winter Cycle Challenge winners! Just 4 more weeks to go, the programme ends at 12AM on Sunday 18th of March. Keep cycling to win prizes, keep fit, and feel great!