Nilda's Story - Being more active helps me to relax

Kerri French - 04 June 2018

Nilda from Greenwich has been using the BetterPoints app since March and contacted us to say how using the app has helped her to be more active. Here is what she said about the Greenwich programme:

‘I've always enjoyed cycling to work but when I joined BetterPoints I was far less active than I am now. By earning the BetterPoints rewards it has given me a real push to walk and cycle to work more.

Being active on a daily basis has really helped my mental well-being and I'm noticeably more relaxed. Also with some lifestyle changes I’ve noticed my general health has improved and in the last 2 months I’ve lost 2.5 kilos just by making a few changes to my diet and the way I travel as well as through upping my physical activity.

Being part of a community goal to reduce air pollution motivates me a lot too, it’s important to understand we all play a part with every journey we take. Before I joined I wasn’t all that active but I find myself cycling around Greenwich park regularly and now I’m active every day.  I even compare points with my work colleague and I’m saving my BetterPoints for an Amazon voucher to buy a new book.’