Parks & Paw Prints: Kate's story to success

Hannah Stephens - 05 June 2018

It’s always wonderful to hear what positive effects using the BetterPoints app has on our users. For Kate in Walkden, this was more than she could have hoped for, not only was she seeing the health benefits, it’s given her the opportunity to start her own business!

In the last 12-18 months, Kate had become more aware of exercise and wellbeing and knew she wanted to make some improvements all round. Kate takes part in Pilates and Zumba at weekly classes in the area, and had used other apps in the past, but quickly stopped using them. Then she found BetterPoints and has been part of the programmes in Salford since the end of January.

As Kate used the BetterPoints app more and more in her local area walking her dog, she started to meet other like-minded people, who often told her about their struggle to always be available to take their own dogs for a walk every day and to get good reliable boarders for them if they weren't going to be around. This is where Kate took the opportunity to start her new business, Parks & Paw Prints, a fully insured, local dog walking and home boarding company who are able to board 1-2 dogs at a time and aim to create a home from home environment for any family’s beloved pooch. If you're interested in learning more about the services Parks & Paw Prints can offer click here.

Kate usually donates her points to the British Heart Foundation or cancer charities but has decided next time she’ll treat herself to a book token so she can find the perfect read for her upcoming holiday. We think she deserves it, well done Kate!