What's in a Name?

Lobelia - 30 March 2015

Every now and then we need a little change eh? In moving the virtual furtniture around here at RYW Community Systems Ltd, we decided that a change was in order from Reward Your World to BetterPoints. "Why?", you ask. Well, I'm going to do as my Mum used to do when I was a kid and answer your question with another question. Why not?  (though I fear my Mum did this to end a conversation, and I'm doing it to open a conversation; go figure) Whilst Reward Your World is still at the heart of what we're about, we're out to make the world a better place through our social currency, BetterPoints.

Social currency with real value, tangible and implied. When you are out for your morning walk or run, each point you accrue is a representation of a better, healthier you! Each time you take the train or the bus, you're doing something to make your world a better place. And when you take the points you've earned and get that delicious cream laden mocha frappichino latte you're...we'll, you're indulging in about 500-800 calories, but hey! Free coffee. That's better, right? :)

For those of you who need more a more convincing, BETTER argument, here are some things we've come up with.

  1. Anne, our Reading Regional Manager, says that there are too many fighting consonants in Reward Your World. THWACK!
  2. Our COO says that too many rolling RRRs can be dangerous.
  3. My Mum says, "Because I'm your mother and I say so!" Eek!
  4. I reserve comment at this time as I settle in and enjoy the sunshine...and coffee. Ahh! That is Better!

At any rate, we're finally starting to get used to the change here at BetterPoints and I hope you are too!