Top tips for earning BetterPoints

Kerri French - 15 November 2017

BetterPoints users

I work behind the scenes managing some of the BetterPoints programmes and designing activites for you all. I hope you enjoy tracking your activities and seeing the BetterPoints add up.

I wanted to take a little time to share some of my top tips.

My top tips for earning BetterPoints

  • Plan it in,  if I plan in when I'm going to be more active it's more likely to happen, so get it in your diary.
  • Small blocks of activity help me,  sometimes this can be 2 x 15 minute dog walks or a cycle to the shops and back each day.
  • I set my alarm 30 minutes earlier, as a busy working mum I never have enough time!
  • Switch background tracking on within the app , it captures all eligible activities and before you know it - you have earned some points.
  • Get others involved, I find if I convince my children to walk the dog with me I walk a bit longer to get them outdoors too.
  • Donate some BetterPoints, it makes me feel good that someone else has benefited from me being more active.

For those of you that are making habits stick, you will already know the more you do the more BetterPoints we give you.

Have fun earning rewards! 


BetterPoints Implementation Manager